I am an ideas hoarder. Like many indie hackers, each new idea results in a new domain.

And I excel at that skill. Each new domain ends up with a fully customized website within 8 hours of my ownership.

I am a niche website hoarder too. I see little reason for NOT starting a new website. Actually, I see none.

side note: my projects portfolio


I have been a full-time introvert since forever, and product marketing happened to be my vocation and avocation. …

If you have multilingual content on your website, you will have to implement proper hreflang tags.

I look into hreflang’s potential SEO benefits, problems you may run into, and ways to solve those problems.

Let me be your oracle for a day.

You are here because your site has no hreflang tags, and you are wondering how to add hreflang tags in WordPress?

You are probably searching to understand what is hreflang tags because you have read somewhere that the SEO benefits of hreflang tags will help you rank your multilingual website.

Although hreflang isn’t a ranking factor, hreflang tags’…


The purpose of this blog post is to demonstrate how I use Fiverr for link building.

In no way I am claiming that this is a legit, white hat, gray hat, or black hat tactic for building links. You can call it whatever. But it is one of the tactics I use to this day to build links to some of my websites (but not limited to).

Dear readers, you must accept one thing in the world of SEO — not everything on the internet, written by famous professionals, is the real deal. Do not blindly trust SEO and Marketing gurus when they claim that buying links is a bad thing, and they never do it.


Recently, I’ve been contacted by a friend’s friend with whom I work on a body transformation program.

The program I am incorporating with my friend is very minimalistic. Neurotyping assessment program, a Keto+ diet, and minimalist fitness workouts.

Back to my friend’s friend. His first words were:

I need some change, but there is so much info on the internet that I have no idea who to trust and where to start.

I believe that we’ve reached the point where the process of complication is the new way of leaving. …

Or I may have been 24 y/o. I don’t know. I don’t remember. But that’s not the point.

I won the lottery when I bought my first and last ticket for 20 BGN. That’s right. It cost me 20 BGN (10 EUR).

Don’t you believe me 🤥? Keep reading.

One morning, I was traveling to my work with the public transport in Sofia (BG).

What’s the common between extra-preneurship, minimalism, stoicism, and obesity?



Joy of Missing Out: You’re enjoying what you’re doing in the here and now and not on social media broadcasting or seeing what everybody else is doing. Opposite of fomo or the fear of missing out.



A quality that attracts people to you and makes you successful and full of energy.

If you switch the two syllables on each word, you will see that the two words are interchangeable.

mojo = jomo; jomo=mojo. And so it goes the loop.


In April 2019, I deleted my personal Facebook profile. I…

So it’s the 20th of February around 10 PM.

I just took my pre-bed dosages of magnesium, zinc, and GABA. As I have hard times shutting down my brain, I will put my stereo phones and play my favorite ASMR video while I’m brushing my teeth.

This is my every night ritual before going to bed. It tells my brain — slow the f*** down and get some sleep. But there is one last thing left to do. One final note to write down. …

Originally published here.

“And what am I supposed to do with this?” I said, staring at my monitor. I was staring at a digital board, with some columns, workflows, cards, and some pretty colorful lanes.

“How cool!” I thought. Little did I know how this digital board was about to completely transform my perception towards productivity, efficiency, and the importance of prioritization.

And you probably guess it right. It was my first touch to a Kanban board. …

Productivity Quiz Included 🙉

Remaining productive is a challenge for almost everyone. Whether you work in a factory, at home, or in a sales center, you have specific tasks or milestones that you need to complete. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to meet these goals.

Learning how to calculate productivity is the first step to improving your performance or the performance of your staff.

Calculating productivity gives you a baseline for tracking increases or decreases. It also allows you to evaluate your processes to find room for improvement.

If you or your workforce struggle to remain productive or meet production goals, learn how…

“to take a paper plane and turn it into a rocket is an art.”


The case study below was first written and pitched to Ahrefs in February 2018. However, this case study never saw light as the Head of Content @ Ahrefs rejected it. Although the idea was accepted, the head of content couldn’t agree on some of the strategies we used to grow our startup’s blog.

And it’s fair enough.

At the end of the day, we are not an SEO agency. We are a startup. And what marketers in startups have to do is to take a cent and try to turn it into a hundred dollar bill.


I have never…

Mila Chervenkova

jomo is my mojo ♡ maker @FloweHq — #1 at ProductHunt. ♡ creator milachervenkova.rocks, milaonsupplements.com & journalikarandash.com

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