A short lyrical essay about a different space to live in

Self-sufficiency is my sublime space. I see and feel only what’s sublime. The rest is unknown. And through the few interactions I make with the world around me, I can see that it’s my trapped reality. It’s my bubble…

Or I may have been 24 y/o. I don’t know. I don’t remember. But that’s not the point.

I won the lottery when I bought my first and last ticket for 20 BGN. That’s right. It cost me 20 BGN (10 EUR).

Don’t you believe me 🤥? Keep reading.

One morning, I was traveling to my work with the public transport in Sofia (BG).

So it’s the 20th of February around 10 PM.

I just took my pre-bed dosages of magnesium, zinc, and GABA. As I have hard times shutting down my brain, I will put my stereo phones and play my favorite ASMR video while I’m brushing my teeth.

This is my every…

Originally published here.

“And what am I supposed to do with this?” I said, staring at my monitor. I was staring at a digital board, with some columns, workflows, cards, and some pretty colorful lanes.

“How cool!” I thought. Little did I know how this digital board was about to…


The case study below was first written and pitched to Ahrefs in February 2018. However, this case study never saw light as the Head of Content @ Ahrefs rejected it. …

I know that we have something in common speaking about email overload. We hate emails that pile up, emails that bury the important ones, emails in a long row that never ends.

Email overload is a common problem, and still, Email is the most efficient way of communication for the…

There is no doubt that Product Hunt is one of the sexiest places for the tech geeks to be.

If you have a new app, product, book, or simply Elon Musk’s Boring Company Hat you would probably want to launch it on Product Hunt first.

For that part of the…

Mila Chervenkova

°Marketing diva, obsessed with SEO, niche websites, the creator economy, minimalism. °Retired from work at 30y/o. ¬ milachervenkova.rocks

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